Sunday, February 12, 2017

Delta Sigma Phi / KARMA / Alpha Delt Fraternity

since 1929

KARMA Fraternity was founded as a society at Clarkson University on Novemer 20th, 1929. In 1936 they became a fraternity. KARMA is a word in Sanskrit that means to do or to act. The Karma Kats pep band provided entertainment during Clarkson hockey games.

On November 3rd, 1957 they became the Beta Rho chapter of Pi Kappa Phi (aka Pi K).  This is also the year the brothers salvaged an old school bell that is still in use today at Clarkson hockey games and graduation.

KARMA, 1930 Clarkson yearbook

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Ice Carnival: Cavalcade

Imagine a Saturday Night Live skit with a really loud audience.  That's sort of what Cavalcade felt like.  The skits were part comedy and part music video.  It was a great night and definitely one of my favorite things about Ice Carnival.  Here are the photos I've gathered so far (more to come).  Another great spot for old photos is this album on the Clarkson Flickr account.



Ice Carnival: Skating & Sports

Another great Ice Carnival event in the 60s-90s - ice skating races and relays, plus other sports.  I definitely remember participating in the tug-of-war in the early 90s.  These pictures really show the spirit and fun of this annual two-school event: