Who Remembers Folding Tissues?

As an active member of Omega in the late 80s/early 90s I had a December break assignment - fold and staple two boxes of tissues.  These were our "flowers" for the Ice Carnival Parade.  Who else had to do this?

Boat Races

Anyone know anything about boat races in Potsdam?  I've found yearbook (TEP, Theta Xi & Sig) photos but no other details there or in the newspapers.  Here's one alumni comment:

There was a boat race down the river as long as it wasn't a boat. So some eggheads in our fraternity figured out that if we utilized stage pieces from the old blast days hinged them , and floated them.with empty kegs not only would it be transportable but flexible. Good idea on paper we ended up.trudging a mile down the river with our flexi barge which now served the purpose if holding our beers. So we trudged Vietnam style a mile down river with our wonderful keg barge.

TEP, 1978 yearbook

Franks Nu Bar | The Whiskey One | Bali Hai

55 Market Street in Potsdam has seen a few businesses over the past several decades.  It was a Bakery, then Franks Nu Bar.  Franks was expanded and changed it's name to The Whiskey One (aka The One).  Anyone know when this happened?  In 1986 The Whiskey One became The Bali Hai and in 1998 a fire resulted in more than one building condemned. After it was rebuilt a bike shop opened at 55 Market Street.

The Whiskey One
"The One"