Smokers Though The Years

How has fraternity rush changed over the years?  A lot.  Here are some tidbits I've found online:

Professors and local clergy were invited to smokers and attended.  Students listened to music (including performances from the Clarkson Melody Boys), sang songs (including college songs) around pianos, ate sandwiches, cider, donuts and coffee and played cards.  They also stayed up "way past bedtime."

Renovations at Alpha

The alumna of Alpha Delta Kappa have been hard at work fixing up their house.  Their plan to replace their rotted kitchen floor expanded (as many home improvement projects do) into new base cabinets as well.  The pictures below detail the other cosmetic and renovation work done on 46 Elm. They've accomplished a lot! The bulk of the repairs were done prior to the July Reunion Weekend.

Renovations at Phi K

Old houses need TLC! The alumnae of Phi Kappa Pi have been working on a kitchen renovation this summer.  They have installed a new ceiling, new base cabinets and counter tops. A new floor will be installed before school starts.  During Reunion Weekend this month the sisters held a dedication ceremony for the new kitchen in memory of the late Esther Dominy "Mrs. D" their former house cook.