Thursday, January 19, 2017

Smokers Though The Years

How has fraternity rush changed over the years?  A lot.  Here are some tidbits I've found online:

Professors and local clergy were invited to smokers and attended.  Students listened to music (including performances from the Clarkson Melody Boys), sang songs (including college songs) around pianos, ate sandwiches, cider, donuts and coffee and played cards.  They also stayed up "way past bedtime."

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority


The oldest SUNY Potsdam sororities evolved from the two Potsdam Normal School literary societies, the Alpha Literary Society the Calliopean Literary Society. The main purpose of these first societies was to give women a chance to debate and the first minutes of the Alpha Literary Society were recorded in 1869.

In 1925, the literary societies made the transition to sororities themselves and in 1926 the Alpha Literary Society became Alpha Sigma Nu with Alpha Delta becoming the social sorority of the society.  On January 12, 1929, Alpha Delta separated from Alpha Sigma Nu and became one of nine chapters of the statewide Alpha Delta Sorority which was founded at the Brockport Normal School in 1886.

In 1953 the State University of New York forced Greek organizations to sever their ties to their national organizations, so Alpha Delta became Alpha Delta Kappa.

The sorority started accepting Clarkson women in the early 70s and was recognized by Clarkson until 1987 when the university stopped recognizing all of the SUNY Potsdam sororities. Women from both schools continue to joined the sorority.

The sorority temporarily lost recognition from SUNY Potsdam in 2013 and was permanently banned in 2016 "after being found responsible for multiple violations of College policies and Greek Life Expectations...Over the past nine years, the sorority has been found responsible for numerous serious violations, leading to a temporary loss of recognition in 2013. The organization was found to have violated the condition of its administrative agreement with the College, which temporarily prohibited the group from any activities."

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1929 SUNY Potsdam yearbook

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Alpha Kappa Phi Agonian Sorority

1928-2013, 2016-present

The oldest SUNY Potsdam sororities evolved from the two Potsdam Normal School literary societies. The Calliopean Literary Society (founded in 1882) became Zeta Gamma Upsilon sorority in 1926, and on December 8, 1928 became the Gamma chapter of Alpha Kappa Phi, the Agonian Sorority, aka Ago.

The sorority was one of nine affiliated chapters in the SUNY system until Greek organizations were forced by the State University of New York to sever ties with their national organizations in 1953. Today there are two other active chapters.

1928 SUNY Potsdam yearbook