Omega Delta Phi Sorority

Since 1961

A local sorority founded on November 6, 1960 and recognized by SUNY Potsdam at the annual ISC picnic on May 21, 1961.  The sisters started accepting Clarkson women in the early 70s. The sorority was recognized by Clarkson until 1987 when the university stopped recognizing all of the SUNY Potsdam sororities. Women from both schools still join the sorority today.

The sisters purchased their first house at 4 Hamilton Street in 1963 and their current home at 51 Elm Street on November 26, 1968.

1962 SUNY Potsdam Yearbook
Actives: website | Facebook | Instagram
Alumni: website | Facebook page | Facebook group (private) | LinkedIn (private)
Colors: red and white
Symbol: key

Past home:
4 Hamilton Street

Current home:
51 Elm Street
Potsdam, NY 13676
(315) 265-6150
Since 1968



1990 (porch added in 1985)


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