Psi Phi Delta Fraternity


Psi Phi Fraternity was chartered in 1948 as the Delta chapter.  In 1953 they changed their name to Psi Phi Delta after the 1953 order for SUNY Greek organizations to sever their national ties.

1949 SUNY Potsdam yearbook
The brothers rented a house on Pleasant Street until purchasing the "white house" at 14 Pierrepont in 1956.  In 1970 that house was sold to Clarkson and was torn down.  The land became an extension to the Clarkson Library parking lot.

In 1970 the brothers moved into the house at 15 Bay Street.  I'm getting conflicting info on how this came about:
"15 Bay was willed to us when the old widow who lived there passed away. We owned all the property from what is now 15 Bay all the way to where the Ives Park gazebo stands today. Most of the land was sold off 20-30 years ago. Missing and loving potsdam. This group always has great history lessons. I learned while at school that at one time the school had keys to all the houses. How interesting that we could have such trust in the school since now the Greeks are fighting to stay alive." - George Tsaoussis Carter on 10/11/13
"I pledged Psi Phi in Fall '83. Psi Phi purchased (was not given) 15 Bay Street and the house next to it in 1970, added a large extension to the back of the house, and tore down the second house to make a parking lot. 37 guys lived there each semester the first few years. SUNY Potsdam co-signed our mortgage. The property between there and Ives Park was open field until the early 80's when the adjacent apartments were built. Phi Mu sorority were among the first tenants of those apartments. - Glen Zagorski on 11/16/15
The fraternity was banned by SUNY Potsdam on April 15, 2011 due to "multiple ongoing violations of the law, College policy, and fraternity standards and expectations."

Facebook group (private)
Colors: Red, Black, and Gold
Affiliate Group: Friends of Psi Phi, disbanded around 1989 (more on Affiliate Groups here)

Former Houses:
Rented a house on Pleasant Street until 1956
12 Pleasant Street (1951 yearbook)
14 Pierrepont
1961 yearbook
1970 yearbook
15 Bay Street
15 Bay Street

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