International Badge Day

Monday March 7, 2016 is International Badge Day!  Established in 1997 by the National Panhellenic Conference, today is a day for women throughout the world to wear their sorority badges or Greek letters in a celebration of sisterhood.

Here are some badges of current and past Greek social organizations in Potsdam, for more check this album on the Potsdam Greeks Facebook page.

Here are some fraternity pins from the 1931 Clarkson yearhook. Left to right - Sigma Delta, Theta Pi Epsilon, Lambda Iota (became Delta Upsilon in 1961), Omicron Pi Omicron, Chi Tau Sigma.
Here are some sorority badges from a February 1, 1935 Normal-Raquette newspaper, from the five sororities in town at the time: (left to right) Clionian (Phi K), Phi Kappa Gamma, Agonian, Alpha Delta, Kappa Chi Delta
From the Alpha chapter at SUNY Geneseo (Potsdam is the Gamma chapter)

Karma fraternity (became DSP)

And here are the pins my mom put on every day in her later college years, with the chains intertwined.

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