Sigma Delta Fraternity

1904- 1999, 2012-2015

Sigma Delta fraternity was founded by 14 students at Clarkson on March 17, 1904 (St. Patrick's Day). They "wished to promote the traditions of the school, and to form a social society for promoting freshman and sophomore relations, and to that end, at first they met to read papers on engineering subjects." (from A Clarkson Mosaic). They were the second fraternity on campus.

1924 Clarkson Yearbook
In October 1904 they moved into the house at 95 Market Street, later the home of OPiO, Next they lived at 22 Leroy Street and then someplace on lower Bay Street. In 1921 they purchased the house at 6 Prospect Place, which they called "the house on the hill."  Extensive remodeling was done by the fraternity.

In 1946 the brothers added a 27-foot flagpole in front of their house, dedicated to members of the fraternity who gave their lives in World War II. It was constructed with a cross arm so they could fly the American flag at the top and the Sigma Delta banner and Clarkson flag below. A bronze plaque installed at its base contains the names of all these fallen alumni.

Their charter was revoked by Clarkson in 1999 after disciplinary actions, but the fraternity was re-founded March 2012. The fraternity moved into their on-campus house Fall 2014. In April 2015 they lost their on-campus house and their Clarkson recognition after issues with their compliance of Clarkson's CORE Program rules.

Their former house at 6 Prospect Place was condemned and purchased by Clarkson in 2009. It was demolished October 2015. The land become a parking lot for the university.

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Colors: green and white


95 Market Street
22 Leroy Street
corner of Lawrence Avenue and Chestnut Street
lower Bay Street
1921-1999: 6 Prospect Place
2014-15: On-campus house
6 Prospect Place, 1925 yearbook
6 Prospect Place

On-campus Sigma Delta House at Clarkson


  1. What is Clarkson planning on doing with the old house?

    1. It was demolished this week

  2. Burning it down and salting the ground it stands on...