Sorority Blazers

I'm not sure when the tradition started, but at one point in Potsdam every sorority sister had a wool blazer.  The Omega alumni of the 60s and 70s purchased their own blazer or wore one handed down from an alumni member.  Apparently they often wore them like a jacket, like the fraternity brothers and their football-type jackets.

A Delta sister in the 70s

Sometime in the late 70s/early 80s the company making the blazers went out of business, and new blazers were no longer purchased.  Do a search online today and you'll find more than one company making them.  I've heard some alumni discuss wanting to see this tradition return.  What do you think?

Do you have a sorority blazer at your house?
1969 yearbook
1973 yearbook
Inter-sorority Council (2 reps/house) from the 1986 SUNY Potsdam yearbook.
Back row (left to right): Phi Kappa Pi, middle two are Alpha?, Omega
Bottom row (left to right): Zeta, Ago
Bid day at Omega, Fall '12
Final Tea at Zeta, Spring '15
PhiK on bid day, Fall '14
Jane Morale of Ago in a new blazer from Stuff4Greeks. She says the quality is not as nice as the originals.


  1. In a perfect world, it would be nice to slowly re-start a collection of blazers that are to be shared- meaning they are kept at the house in storage hangars, girls just could borrow one that fit for the event. We wore them for special events and somehow it just seemed so important/they were passed down and maintained ...although we all lived in jock shirts, the blazers meant serious business, respectability, and a sense of pride and represented Omega well! just my opinion. I realize economics are an issue AND there are far more pressing needs in the house at this time!! I am just voicing a thought from the 70s when it seemed to be a very important prop in our house to have. Something to think about when as a group we wish to set an example or make a statement of presence when on campus or in the community for a special event. S.Sharlow

  2. I will never forget the following....
    Shortly after we got "in" the Sisters came to my room, serenaded me, and them my Zeta mom put a forest green and white-piped crested blazer on me for the first time. They did for each of my pledge sisters. I was so happy I could have exploded right then and there. Those old piped wool blazers were made like iron and they were very handsome. They were of excellent quality. Despite our pride in them, they still got hard use but always came back from the cleaners looking good as new. When I went up to Zeta's 50th I gave my 30+ year old blazer to the House to help build up the collection. It was a good thing to do and I'm glad I did, but I still miss having it with me.
    Colleen Murphy, Zeta Gamma Sigma, F'72.