SUNY Potsdam Greek Life Task Force

SUNY Potsdam announced the members of their Greek Life Task Force, the announcement is here.  There were over 150 nominations. Here is some additional information on some of the members:

Robert Barber ’14 - an active member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (one of three recognized fraternities on campus) - Came to college after a tour with the Marine Corps.  Not a Crane student (as some think that all members of this organization are part of Crane).

Erin Wilson '05 - an alumni member of and adviser to AST Sorority (a recognized sorority), SUNY Potsdam staff member (Career Planning Office), daughter of a Phi Kappa Pi Sorority alumni (1975 grad)

Glen Zagorski '87 - an alumni member of Psi Phi Delta and President of their Alumni Association.  Glen is married to Jane Morale, alumni of Ago and President of the Agonian Board of Directors (they met at Maxfields in 1999 during Reunion Weekend). In 2012 they endowed a Greek Life internship at SUNY Potsdam, to persist indefinitely. "We believe strongly in the value of the Greek system...I'm participating on the Task Force because I want to help save Ago, provide a means for Psi Phi and others to return, and help strengthen the entire system. That's going to require real, significant change from all parties, and it's not going to be an easy road."

If you have additional info or comments on the individuals on this task force please feel free to leave it via a comment.

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  1. Rob Barber was just elected as Social Chairperson of All-Greek Council for the 2013-2014 school year.