Ago Alumni at "Faculty Letter Day"

From an alumni via the Potsdam Greeks United Facebook page:

"Hello everyone! I got to wear my letters today (AKPhi class of '88)!! We had Faculty Letter Day at the University where I teach. I thought all of you would appreciate how some other universities interact with their fraternities and sororities. I'm hopeful that it will be this way in Potsdam someday!

Below is the e-mail that was forwarded to all faculty by their deans a couple weeks ago.

Colleen Palmer Beaudoin
Alpha Kappa Phi"

Colleen Palmer Beaudoin
Dear Deans,

In keeping with the Office of the Associate Provost's ongoing efforts to productively engage in partnerships between academic affairs and other groups on campus, I was asked by students from the Greek organizations on campus to reach out to faculty. As you know, Greek organizations on the UT campus are very involved in activities and programs that enrich the college experience by encouraging excellence in academics, leadership, and community service. In order to enhance the visibility of the Greek organizations on campus and to increase the campus and faculty awareness of their academic and service mission, they have organized a Faculty Letter Day.

The Faculty Letter Day will be Wednesday, April 24, and their request is that faculty, on that day, wear Greek letters from any academic, honors or social Greek lettered organization to which they belong. Our office fully supports this effort and as such, I am requesting that the deans inform and encourage their faculty to participate.

Thank you for getting the message out to our faculty.


Katharine H. Cole, Ph.D.
Associate Provost and Dean of Academic Services
Associate Professor of Biology
University of Tampa

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