Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority


The oldest SUNY Potsdam sororities evolved from the two Potsdam Normal School literary societies, the Alpha Literary Society the Calliopean Literary Society. The main purpose of these first societies was to give women a chance to debate and the first minutes of the Alpha Literary Society were recorded in 1869.

In 1925, the literary societies made the transition to sororities themselves and in 1926 the Alpha Literary Society became Alpha Sigma Nu with Alpha Delta becoming the social sorority of the society.  On January 12, 1929, Alpha Delta separated from Alpha Sigma Nu and became one of nine chapters of the statewide Alpha Delta Sorority which was founded at the Brockport Normal School in 1886.

In 1953 the State University of New York forced Greek organizations to sever their ties to their national organizations, so Alpha Delta became Alpha Delta Kappa.

The sorority started accepting Clarkson women in the early 70s and was recognized by Clarkson until 1987 when the university stopped recognizing all of the SUNY Potsdam sororities. Women from both schools continue to joined the sorority.

The sorority temporarily lost recognition from SUNY Potsdam in 2013 and was permanently banned in 2016 "after being found responsible for multiple violations of College policies and Greek Life Expectations...Over the past nine years, the sorority has been found responsible for numerous serious violations, leading to a temporary loss of recognition in 2013. The organization was found to have violated the condition of its administrative agreement with the College, which temporarily prohibited the group from any activities."

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1929 SUNY Potsdam yearbook
Alpha Sigma Nu

Alpha Delta
Colors: Lavender and White
Symbol: owl


Prior Home:
29 Elm Street from 1933-1969

Alpha Sigma Nu at 29 Elm Street in 1927

Alpha Delta at 29 Elm Street in 1934

Current Home:
46 Elm Street
1974 yearbook


  1. Alphas recognition status is temporary. Please adjust this post. Another house has temporary recognition lapse clarification next to their name and the same should be posted for Alpha. Thank you

    1. I'm glad to hear that. I had heard before it was a permament ban and the sisters were fighting to make it temporary. I edited this post and the Houses page to reflect that.

    2. The ban seems pretty permanent given that this comment was from over 2 years ago and Alpha still is not back.

    3. The school is currently reviewing Alphas appeal.

  2. To Whom it May Concern:
    As an active alumnus of ALPHA DELTA (ETA), SUNY Oswego, I implore you, the school, and whatever governing body to reconsider your position with regard to allowing Alpha Delta to continue on at SUNY Potsdam. I would ask that the sorority be re-recognized and allowed to become active in rushing and pledging. I have been the alumni chair of the pledge committee since we formed the alumni association for the ETA chapter of Alpha Delta, and as such, I am offering to involve myself in assisting the chapter in Potsdam to re-open its sorority in conjunction with the rules put forth by the school. If someone from the decision making body of the school wishes to contact me, my contact information is public on Facebook. I look forward to a favor of a reply.
    JoAnn Dise Martino

    1. Could you kindly contact our Alumnae President at We would love to hear from you!

  3. I am an Alpha Delta Kappa Alumni (1988-1989) and am advocating for re-recognition of this sorority as soon as is possible and appropriate. ADK has had a rich and long history at SUNY Potsdam as well as with the town community of Potsdam.. I am unfamilar with the reasons for the current status of not being recognized by the College, but trust the current members and Alumni sisters would be willing to take whatever actions necessary to gain back their recognition as a SUNY Potsdam sorority once again. I believe ADK should be given this second chance to prove to Potsdam College, as well as to the residents of Potsdam town, that it is a positive asset and resource. Please re-consider making the current non-recognized status permanent, thus erasing the oldest SUNY Potsdam sorority from future existence. ADK has a lot of external support and belief that this sorority is worth an opportunity for redemption. Thank you for your consideration.

    1. Thank you Lynda. We would love to invite you to the private alumnae page and add you to the mailing list. Could you kindly contact me at We will get you caught up with recent events. Thank you and Love in AD!

  4. ADK was under suspension based on lies from a former member who was caught stealing $15,000 from ADK in 2012 Then two week before graduation and during finals charges were filed against ADK and 5 of members individually based on gossip and hearsay from two unnamed students. All 5 ADK told the truth as well as 4 so called " Ghost Pledges"
    also told the truth and denied the accusations as false, gossip and hearsay.
    Yet Student conduct staff Annette Robbins, called them liars and had their diplomas and transcripts withheld, despite their exceptional academic achievements, and until they completed 100 hours of community service in 3 months ! Shame on SUNY Potsdam, will your sorority or fraternatiy, be next! Stay tuned as ADK and their supporters including, have just begun to fight! Andrew Tarantino