Colleges Promoting Greek Life

I graduated from Clarkson in 1991 and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1996.  In 2008 I moved to Little Rock, Arkansas and in 2010 I moved to Memphis, Tennessee, where I current reside.  In all of these southern cities I've met adults who are proud sorority and fraternity alumni.  In fact, the nearest mall to me even has Greek clothing store.

Students using rated Greek Life at Clarkson with an "A" grade, SUNY Potsdam got a B-.

Some Greek Life Twitter account logos
Both colleges now require fraternities and sororities to participate in charitable activities, which they do.  Did you know that Clarkson also requires Greeks to submit an annual CORE (Chapter Operations and Recognition of Excellence) Report (2012 report) that's very extensive.  I hope anyone reading this who interviews college grads asks them about their role in their Greek organization - whoever is in charge of filling out this report needs to be well organized!

So if the colleges require certain grades, charitable and campus participation - are they rewarding Houses for achieving these goals?  Clarkson recently put out a video on the benefits of Greek Life and has positive facts about Greeks on their website.  Is SUNY Potsdam doing anything like this?

How about a Greek Life newsletter?  Here is one from the University of Connecticut.

How about social media?  I have not looked for Facebook pages, but here are over 100 Greek Life Twitter accounts - neither school has one set up that I have found.

If the schools think that Greeks are an important and valued part of their institutions, should they be doing more to promote them to current and prospective students?

6.3% of the full time undergraduate students at SUNY Potsdam are members of Greek organizations. There are 12 sororities and fraternities listed and 3,988 undergraduates.  Clarkson is home to 12 fraternal organizations. Members make up about 15% of the total student body. 3,018 undergraduates and 521 graduate students.

What other suggestions do you have for the schools to promote Greek Life to students?


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