SUNY Potsdam Greek Task Force Questionnaire

On Friday, April 12th 2013 all SUNY Potsdam alumni received an email from the Greek Task Force. Responses are due Tuesday, April 16th. If you are a SUNY Potsdam alumni and did not receive an email please use the information below to craft a response and sign it with your full name (women - include your maiden name) and year of graduation.

Please make sure you respond by the deadline*, and encourage others to do the same. Your voice is important.
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From: "SUNY Potsdam Greek Life Task Force" <>
Date: Apr 12, 2013 10:42 AM
Subject: Greek Life at SUNY Potsdam
To: <>

Good afternoon,

The SUNY Potsdam Greek Life Task Force is requesting feedback from alumni regarding greek life at SUNY Potsdam. President Schwaller has formed the SUNY Potsdam Greek Life Task Force to determine if there is a role for Greek letter organizations at SUNY Potsdam in the 21st century. This inward look is a result of a consistent and disturbing pattern of violations of College policies and state law, most significantly involving a persistent pattern of hazing and alcohol violations.

The Task Force is looking very seriously at this question and gathering as much information as possible. We have reached out to many constituencies and are seeking feedback from any and all interested parties. We have reached out to the alumni affiliated with each currently recognized house, but we also wanted to reach out to alumni who are affiliated with groups no longer recognized and alumni who may have no greek affiliation but would like to weigh in on this topic.

We are looking for any and all feedback from alumni. We ask that the feedback be constructive and thoughtful. Further, we ask that when thinking about your comments, you keep in mind that there is a documented problem that does exist and that the Task Force is looking for meaningful and constructive direction. Doing nothing and affecting no change is not an option. We want to know what changes you think would be most productive. We suggest that any feedback address the following questions or topics:

1. What year did you graduate Potsdam?

2. Are you an active alumni? (i.e. - Do you attend Potsdam events such as reunion or regional events in your area?)

3. Were you a member of a Greek organization?

4. If yes, how did this experience shape your Potsdam experience?

5. If no, did Greek life impact your SUNY Potsdam experience - either positively or negatively?

6. Do you give back to SUNY Potsdam?

7. Would a change to the Greek system impact your decision to support SUNY Potsdam in the future?

8. How much time and attention should the College dedicate to the Greek system?

9. What role should the College play in the Greek system?

10. What suggestions do you have for improving the Greek system?

11. Are you familiar with the College's guidelines relative to hazing and alcohol use?

12. What additional information or statement would you like to provide to the Task Force?

We want to thank you for your feedback and ask that you submit that feedback by responding to this email address. We ask that all comments be submitted by Tuesday, April 16, 2013. I know this is a short timeframe, but we have been given a deadline of early May to submit our initial findings.


SUNY Potsdam Greek Life Task Force

If you cannot get this submitted by the deadline, please send it anyways, per the following:
"I'm on the Greek Life Task Force, and I'm also on the sub-team that submitted the general request for alumni feedback. I apologize for the short timeframe requested for response. We submitted the email for transmission, but because it reads like a survey, it had to go through a formal review process at the school level before being sent out. That took a few days we hadn't planned for, and we realized too late that we should have adjusted the due date. If you need a couple of extra days to formulate your response, please take the time. Feel free to note on your response that I told you it could be late.
Glen Zagorski '87, Psi Phi Delta

1 comment:

  1. I graduated in 1978 and was a member of Phi K. Since I live on Long Island it is hard to be an active alumni, but I take part in local events when possible and Phi k has an active facebook page that I participate in. My sorority recently had to replace it's roof and I contributed financially. I pledged my sophmore year, spring semester and lived in the house for the remainder of my time at Potsdam. To this day I keep in touch with many of my sorority sisters and I am troubled by the amount of "regulation" that the Greeks have been subjected to. Most of my fond memories revolve around being part of Crane and Phi K. I fondly recall midnight callouts as a pledge. Our pledging lasted much longer than 3 weeks and I was able to graduate cum laude from Potsdam despite the time that I committed to my house. I have contributed in the past to Potsdam, but I a troubled by how much regulation the Greeks are subjected to now. At that time 18 was the legal drinking age, so our socials included alcohol. There was no forced use of it. Kids have changed since I graduated and can be immature and thus their perspectives can be a bit skewed. I don't know what prompted this over involvement of officials of Potsdam in Greek life, but there has to be a better balance.