Milestone Reunion: Omega's 50th

Over the weekend of July 15-17, 2011, nearly 200 alumni and active members of Omega Delta Phi Sorority gathered in Potsdam to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the organizations recognition as a sorority.  Here are some details and photos from the event that may be helpful to other organizations planning large-scale reunions in Potsdam.  Want to share details of your significant reunion?  Please email me.

Event registration and payments were handled via the Clarkson University Alumni Association. The majority of guests opted to stay in the housing set aside by Clarkson at Woodstock apartments.  If you stay there make sure you bring a fan as rooms can get a bit stuffy!  Some alumni opted to stay at air conditioned housing at SUNY Potsdam.

Sisters outside Woodstock Apartments
Friday night was a party at Omega, with sisters gathering in groups before for dinner.

Saturday morning some members gathered at the library for the dedication of a bookcase the sisters donated to the children's area at Potsdam Public Library....
At the Potsdam Public Library
...while other alumni participated in the SUNY Potsdam Bear Walk/Run....

...and some participated in the Shirly Rogers Memorial Scholarship 5K at Clarkson.

Saturday afternoon there was a BBQ at Clarkson.  The school photographer took a great photo of the group from the roof of a building, and Omega alumni and professional photographer Kathleen McAvoy Martin of LKN Images in Mooresville, NC took a group photo as well:
Clarkson President Tony Collins, the mayor and the Clarkson Alumni Association President also visited the gathering.  The Omega Alumni Association presented Clarkson with a check for the Clarkson Alumni Gateway Project as a thank you for their generous assistance with the event registration.

Sisters pose with Tony Collins, the mayor and the Clarkson Alumni Assoc. President
Saturday evening the sisters gathered at the House for a group photo (top of post, also by Kathleen McAvoy Martin) then walked to La Casbah for a banquet.  The space was great for a large gathering, even though it was hot inside!

La Casbah
Sunday morning the sisters held a breakfast (with Bagelry bagels, of course) at the house followed by an Alumni Association meeting held in a Clarkson classroom.

Over the weekend the sisters also held canned food drive, collecting more than a half ton of donated goods for St. Mary’s Church.

After the event the Omega Alumni Association worked to get event publicity in the local papers and through both schools.  Here are the results:
A few tips from the event organizers and attendees:
  • Don't over schedule the weekend
  • Take videos!
  • Name tags on lanyards are very helpful, include pledge class, year of graduation and school (since Omega has sisters from both schools)
  • Give your committee at least a year to plan the event
  • Utilize the school alumni associations, ask for their help!
  • Participate in school reunion events in letters
  • Do something for the community, and get it in the paper
  • Invite town, village and college dignitaries as special guests to part of your celebration

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