Bed Races - early 80s

While the Chariot Races in the early 80s were just for fun, slightly later in the 80s someone started organizing Bed Races to benefit the Canton-Potsdam Hospital.  Fun + Fundraising.

In 1983, bed races were held on Elm Street with participation from Greeks and other school and community organizations.  The track was about 500 feet long, beginning at Robinson's Market and the finish line just east of the Super Duper supermarket.  The entry fee was $50 per team of five - four pushers and one rider.  One lane of the road was blocked off and two hospital beds were used for all of the races.

The teams competed one-on-one against each other, and against the clock for the best time.  Times ranged from 34.73 seconds by Sigma Delta, to over a minute.  The second best time was by Powers II at 37.25 seconds and third place was Hamlin at 37.99 seconds. Over $1,600 was raised.

It seems that the event happened for a few years, so I'm not sure which year these photos are from.  I've been told there were also Bed Races in the mid-90s.  Does anyone have photos from these events?

Alumni estimate this photo as 1982-3 timeframe

The following photos are from the 1983 Clarkson yearbook:

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