Fraternity "Affiliate" Programs

Some of the fraternities in Potsdam used to have "affiliate" programs - basically a group of girls who hung out with the brothers and did specific projects.  According to this article, the programs started nationally in the 60s and 70s and were phased out in the late 80s "on the advice of national fraternity organizations, which say that the programs create a demeaning atmosphere for women and put the fraternities at legal risk."

The 1986 SUNY Potsdam yearbook was the last one with photos of these groups.  Know of any Clarkson yearbooks with photos?  I think Phi Kap CU had a Little Sister program but I have not found any yearbook photos yet.

Sigma Pi Emeralds

The Emeralds, a part of Sigma Pi Fraternity, is a group of girls who work together to help support the Brothers of Sigma Pi.  They are a fairly new and growing organization.  They also have a lot of room for their own creative ideas and service projects that help the Emeralds grow.  This year they took children trick or treating on Halloween, along with putting on a function at the Rusty Nail: "Don't let the government cheat you out of a New Years."  It was a night filled with champagne and fun.  The Emeralds is a unique group because they are constantly growing and establishing new ideas and goals.

Phi Chi Epsilon Little Chi's

The Little Chis formed in September 194 as a support group to Phi Chi.  Its members help in bottle drives, social functions, and blood drives.

Phi Kappa Sigma (State) Little Sis

The Little Sisters of Phi Kappa Sigma were formed in the Spring of 1982 to help support the Brothers of Phi Kap.  They are involved in both service and social activities.  In the past they have sponsored a Can and Bottle Drive, along with Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners for the needy.  The Little Sisters also have held functions downtown, along with helping the Brothers with some of their activities.

Friends of Psi Phi

Established in 1982
The Friends of Psi Phi is a group that works together with Psi Phi Delta to better the fraternity.  The Friends hold fundraisers to raise money for the upkeep of the house.  They also hold functions and T.G.I.F.'s, and have many parties together with the brothers.  They brothers and Friends also work together when competing in the Ice Carnival. 



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