Multi-House Bid Night Traditions

How did/does your House interact with others on bid night?   The local sororities at SUNY Potsdam have long-standing traditions during bid night, mostly centered around the Sisterhood Song.  Does anyone know who wrote this song and when?

Omega sings at Ago during big night, Fall 1991
Omega, Alpha and Delta would sing to other Houses as they walk from campus to their House on bid night.  Does anyone know when this tradition started? 

During bid night, members of Delta Upsilon fraternity would make their way to each sorority with a flower for each pledge.  The color of the flower varied by sorority, matching their House colors.

A Zeta pledge with a DU brother, around 1980
Until the late 80s, all of the local sororities would take their pledges downtown to the "R" (The Arlington) and later to  "the One" (The Whiskey One) and sing pledge class and house songs, ending with the ISC sisterhood song.  The drinking age was raised from 18 to 19 in 1982, then from 19 to 21 in 1985.
1972 SUNY Potsdam yearbook - The R

bid night: 1974 yearbook

The Sisterhood Song

Sisters, we all are sisters,
But we all have gone our separate ways.
We share a bond of friendship
And we’ll prove it every day.
Though we all have chosen different houses,
Together we’ll stand true,
Forever we’ll be loyal,
To the red black purple green gold blue.
So here is our song of sisterhood
We are filled with fellowship and love.
We have our separate houses
But we’ll always stand as one.

The Clarkson sororities now gather and pose for a picture on bid night.  Here they are in Spring '13:


  1. Caskings is always a big one for most Clarkson Fraternities and Sororities.

  2. I guess the sisterhood song was written after 1970 is the gold is referring to Delta Lambda Nu.

    1. I learned it without the "gold" in 1988. I'm not sure what the original wording was.

  3. I learned it without "gold" in spring 04

  4. In the 70s, all sororities gathered to sing each other's songs and celebrate at the R. The Sisterhood Song came after 1976 unless I just wasn't paying attention.