Phi Kappa Pi Sorority

Since 1906

The Pi Delta Sigma social sorority was founded in 1906 at the Crane School of Music.  In June of 1928 the sorority affiliated with the Clionian Fraternity (founded in 1872) of the Geneseo Normal School, adopting the name Clio and the letters Phi Kappa Pi, the Kappa Chapter.

The Sigma Beta Sigma Society, founded in 1926, became a sorority at Potsdam Normal School in 1928. In 1931 the sisters changed their name to Sigma Beta Epsilon. In 1934, due to the financial strain of the Depression, Phi Kappa Pi Sorority merged with Sigma Beta Epsilon.  The new organization adopted the name Clio and the letters Phi Kappa Pi.  They occupied the former Sigma house at 18 Elm Street from 1934 to 1938.

In 1953 Greek organizations were forced by the State University of New York to sever ties with their national organization.  Phi Kappa Pi Sorority is forced to sever their connections with Clio, but kept the letters Phi Kappa Pi and maintained many of the Clionian traditions.  Today they are commonly known as PhiK.  At one point there were 10 chapters of the sorority, today there is one other active chapter.

The sorority started accepting Clarkson women in the early 70s and was recognized by Clarkson until 1987 when the university stopped recognizing all of the SUNY Potsdam sororities. Women from both schools still join the sorority today.

1929 SUNY Potsdam yearbook
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Pi Delta Sigma


Sigma Beta Sigma/Sigma Beta Epsilon

Clio/Phi Kappa Pi
Colors (pre 1953): White and Gold
Colors (post 1953): Black and Gold
Flower: Daisy
Clionian Crest:

Phi K crest:

Prior Homes:
Clio purchased the Perkin's Estate at 16 Pleasant Street in 1930

Clionian House: 1934 yearbook
Sigma Beta Epsilon lived in (owned?) 18 Elm Street.  In 1934 they merged with Clio and the sisters moved into this house.

Sigma Beta Epsilon Sorority House in 1934
61 Elm: known as The Clio Colonial 
1938 yearbook
44 Pierrepoint
now an empty lot
1948 yearbook

8 Leroy Street
later this house burned down

1951 yearbook

Current Home:
58 Elm Street
Since 1956


  1. Did the crest change since I was a member? Or is that a picture of the original crest?

  2. That crest is from the 1929 yearbook. Know where I can get the current one?

  3. I can send you a current picture of the new crest if you provide an email address