Chi Tau Sigma Fraternity


The Clarkson Technical Society was formed in 1923, and rented their first house at 28 Bay Street.  From the March 1, 1923 Clarkson Integrator:
This body is NOT a fraternity but a group or society of Clarkson students of good scholastic standing who are not members of any fraternity connected with the college, who have organized to maintain and raise Clarkson standards, promote better scholarship, good-fellowship-and social activities. By means of this society it is hoped to bring together those students who are workers, and by means of meetings, discussions and the power that comes only from united action, accomplish many things for the good of Clarkson and for our own good, that formerly were impossible with the non- fraternity men but a group of scattered units.

In 1925 they changed their name to Chi Tau Sigma Fraternity and purchased a house on Main Street.  They were Clarkson's fifth fraternity.  This fraternity was not in 1938 yearbook, so they most likely dissolved in 1937.  The last mention of them was in the August 27, 1937 Ogdensburg Journal:
The Chi Tau Sigma fraternity house at Clarkson has been completely renovated and will be used for classrooms. It is expected members of this chapter will seek another dwelling before school opens. 
1927 Clarkson yearbook

Prior Homes:
??  Main Street

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