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Kappa Chi Delta Sorority


Kappa Chi Delta Sorority was formed at the Potsdam Normal School (now SUNY Potsdam) in June 1931 by the union of three sororities: Phi Beta Nu, Pi Phi Omega and Arethusa (Lambda chapter).  The merger was most likely due to the financial constraints of the Depression.  The sorority does not appear in the 1941 yearbook, so they most likely dissolved in 1940.

  • The Omega Society was founded in 1928 and became Pi Phi Omega Sorority at Potsdam Normal School later that year. 
  • The Beta Society was founded in 1927 and became Phi Beta Nu Sorority at Potsdam Normal School in 1929.
  • The Leu De Cra Society was founded in the fall of 1926 with four charter members. The organization grew in numbers and activities and shortly adopted the name Lambda Society. In May 1929 the group was recognized as the Lambda Delta Chi Sorority. On March 8th 1930, the sorority became the Lambda Chapter of the Arethusa Fraternity.  Note: the Arethusa currently active at SUNY Potsdam is the Iota chapter).

Phi Beta Nu
1930: 81 Main Street


Pi Phi Omega
1930: 50 Bay Street

Arethusa/Lambda Delta Chi
1930: 22 Pierrepont Ave 

Kappa Chi Delta

Prior Homes:
prior to 1933: 59 Elm Street
June 1933-? 46 Elm Street
14 Pierrepont Ave

1934 yearbook: 46 Elm Street
1937 yearbook: 14 Pierrepont Ave

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