Smokers, Vic Parties and Wolfing!?

There is so much to love about this clip from The Clarkson Integrator, September 15, 1943.

Karma = Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity
Smoker = rush party
Wolfing Clothes = ??
P.S.T.C. = Potsdam State Teachers College (SUNY Potsdam today)

Which leaves us with Vic Parties.  An internet search isn't turning up much either, except for some references to Potsdam-specific newspapers.  Is this a Potsdam-specific term?  Does anyone know?

UPDATE: According to readers, a Vic Party was originally a Victory Party.  Most fraternity brothers were involved in sports and held parties, with dates, after successful games.  Another reader said Vic stood for Very Important Person. 
Apparently this term was still in use, but fading, in the early 1970s.  Delta Kappa Theta was still using this term in the 80s with their Christmas Vic Party. 
Yes it's a party that you would bring a date to. This was Christmas 1982 and we still called a Christmas Vic. - George Muller, DK active from Spring 1981-Spring 1984

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