Social Sororities in Potsdam

The first social sorority in Potsdam was Pi Delta Sigma Sorority, founded at the Crane School of Music in 1906.  This organization later became know at Phi Kappa Pi.  At this point the other organizations for women in town are societies, which hosted debates on topical issues, music, novels, etc.

In the 1920s, several societies became sororities and new sororities were founded:
  • The Alpha Delta literary society (founded in 1886) became Alpha Sigma Nu with Alpha Delta becoming the social sorority of the society.
  • The Calliopean Literary Society (founded in 1882) became Zeta Gamma Upsilon, and later became the Gamma chapter of Alpha Kappa Phi, the Agonian Sorority (Ago)
  • The Sigma Beta Sigma Society, founded in 1926, became a sorority.
  • The Omega Society, founded in 1928, became Pi Phi Omega Sorority.
  • The Beta Society, founded in 1927, became Phi Beta Nu Sorority.
  • Phi Kappa Gamma is founded in 1925
7 Sororities in 1929

In the 1930s some sororities merged, most likely due to financial constrains from the Depression.
  • The Lambda chapter of Arethusa Sorority was founded in 1930 but then combined with Phi Beta Nu and Pi Phi Omega to form Kappa Chi Delta Sorority.
  • Sigma Beta Sigma Sorority renamed itself Sigma Beta Epsilon and then later merged with Phi Kappa Pi Sorority.
5 Sororities in 1939

In 1941 Kappa Chi Delta and Phi Kappa Gamma Sororities disband.

3 Sororities in 1941

In 1953, the State University of New York ordered all fraternities at its institutions to sever connections with their national organizations because of a few which are prohibiting certain racial groups from joining.  This slightly changed the names of some Greek organizations, including Clio which at this point was know as Phi Kappa Pi.

In the 1950s and 60s two sororities were founded in Potsdam -  Zeta Gamma Sigma and Omega Delta Phi.  In 1964 Clarkson started accepting women, and in 1972 Clarkson women begin pledging Potsdam State sororities and the sororities appeared in the Clarkson yearbook.

5 Sororities in 1961

In 1970, Delta Lambda Nu Sorority is founded, it folds in 1975.  In 1974 the State University of New York lifted the 1953 ban on fraternities and sororities affiliating with national organizations.  In 1977 the first sorority is founded at Clarkson - Phi Sigma SigmaIn 1978 Phi Sig accepted a Potsdam State pledge.

6 Sororities in 1978

In the 1980s, Phi Mu and Delta Zeta Sororities are founded at Clarkson and Alpha Sigma Tau, Lambda Phi Delta and Sigma Gamma Phi (Arethusa-Iota) Sororities are founded at SUNY Potsdam.  AST is the first national sorority at SUNY Potsdam. In 1987, Clarkson stopped recognizing the sororities at SUNY Potsdam.  Clarkson women can still pledge, but sororities cannot rush on campus and members cannot live in the sorority houses until senior year.
8 SUNY Potsdam Sororities

 3 Clarkson Sororities

In the 1990s Delta Lambda Nu Sorority is re-founded at SUNY Potsdam and Lambda Phi Delta folds due to lack of interest.

8 SUNY Potsdam Sororities

In the 2000s, Phi Mu Sorority dissolves and national sorority Theta Phi Alpha is founded at Clarkson.  In the 2010s, Kappa Delta Chi Sorority is founded at Clarkson.

4 Clarkson Sororities

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