Theta Xi Fraternity


A group of 25 men started the Alpha chapter of Nu Phi Fraternity at Clarkson in February 1957. On September 29, 1957 they became the Beta Kappa chapter of Theta Xi Fraternity. In December they purchased the house at 11 Lawrence Ave and then in 1969 they purchased the house at 88 Market Street.

In 1987 Clarkson pulled its recognition of Theta Xi after a pledging policy violation. The following semester fraternity sophomores and juniors were required to return to on-campus housing (due to Clarkson's recognition policy). The fraternity was not eligible for re-colonization by their national organization until the following fall. The fraternity was not re-colonized.
1959 yearbook


1957-1969: 11 Lawrence Ave

1959 yearbook
house with letters, 1961 yearbook
1969-1987: 88 Market Street

Anyone have a photo of 88 Market St? I can't find one - at all. The house was demolished but I'm not sure when.

The summer of 2013 someone tried to turn the house into a halfway home for homeless mothers recovering from drug addiction but they were turned down. Article. The home has been vacant for 20 years.

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  1. The lot is vacant and has been... I sold it back to the family of original owner who demolished the house, and it has seen sold to Jimmy Sheehan, who I believe still owns it.