Zeta Nu Fraternity

Since 1956

Zeta Nu is a local fraternity founded at Clarkson on February 23rd, 1956. The 31 founding members purchased the house at 74 Elm Street and completed many renovations.  In 1960 the brothers purchased the home known as Reynold's Hall at 27 Main Street. The building and its adjacent garage were the oldest standing wooden structures in the town of Potsdam.  It was once home to a funeral parlor.

On February 17th 1996, a major fire started in the chimney and spread quickly through the walls of the house.  A majority of the two top floors and the back of the house were destroyed. The chimney had just been inspected and cleaned two weeks prior to the fire. With a large insurance settlement and strong alumni support, the house was rebuilt and ready for brothers to move back in November 1996.

1957 yearbook
1957 yearbook
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Colors: Navy blue and white


74 Elm
1960 yearbook in front of 74 Elm
27 Main Street
Since 1960
1961 yearbook
early 80s
Prior to 1996 fire
2009 photo

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