Triangle / Tau Delta Kappa Fraternity

Triangle / ΤΔΚ
since 1957

In the fall of 1955 a group of engineering students at Clarkson got together to form a colony of Triangle, a social and academic fraternity comprised of engineers, architects, and scientists. On November 16, 1957 the Clarkson chapter of Triangle Fraternity was officially installed as a chapter after two years as a colony organization.  Their house at 29 Bay Street was purchased in the late 50s.

In September 1970 the Clarkson chapter of Triangle was expelled from their national for "refusing to adhere to course-of-study membership requirements." The brothers become a local fraternity, Tau Delta Kappa.  In 2012 TDK lost their recognition from Clarkson due to repeated incidents of serving alcohol to minors. They exist today as an unrecognized organization.

1958 yearbook - notice the blazers
Facebook group (private) | website (private)

Triangle crest, also used by TDK
Triangle symbol
Former House:
29 Bay Street

1962 yearbook, notice the Triangle on the house

January 2017


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  3. The chapter was not expelled from Triangle, but left voluntarily to become a local fraternity.

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  5. This is the name of my chapter as well. Great to meet you all.