Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority

Since 1977

On September 17, 1977 a group of women at Clarkson became a pledge colony of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority and moved into a the house at 71 Main Street.  They became the Gamma Mu chapter on December 3, 1977, the first sorority founded at Clarkson.  

1978 Clarkson Yearbook
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In 1978 the sisters accepted a Potsdam State pledge, "in recognition of the tradition which has always integrated the women of both schools." (Nov. 3, 1978 Racquette).  In the Spring of 1979 they moved out of their house at 71 Main as their landlord, Clarkson College, only wanted Clarkson students living in the house.  That summer they found a house at 116 Main Street.  That house was not zoned for a sorority but the Town Planning Board allowed them to stay temporarily.

This marks an interesting transition point in Potsdam Greek history.  Phi Sig was the first National sorority in Potsdam and the first sorority founded at Clarkson.  But they still accepted members from Potsdam State, and they appear in the Potsdam State yearbook from 1979-1981.

In 1980 they disaffiliated themselves with their national and changed their name to Phi Sigma Lambda, in order to continue to accept members from Potsdam State:
1981 Potsdam State yearbook
The sisters don't appear in either yearbook in 1982, and then in 1983 they appear in the Clarkson yearbook only.  A March 8, 1983 Clarkson Integrator article titled "Phi Sigma Sigma Relives at Clarkson" says the sorority had 48 pledges.
1983 Clarkson yearbook
Colors: King blue & gold
Symbol: Sphinx


71 Main Street

91 Market Street:


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