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Back in the 50s & 60s, The Vernon Restaurant at 10 Market Street was a popular hangout for college students in Potsdam.  It opened in August 1952: "No expense has been spared in making this the finest restaurant in this part of the country" read an advertisement published that month.  In 1967 it became Sergi's Restaurant.  Getting the roof of your mouth burnt on a Sergi's pizza roll after the bars close is a Potsdam tradition, right?
The Vernon in 1968
According to alumni there was a restaurant side and a bar side.  Ruthie ran the bar.  Here are some alumni recollections:
  • Ruthie was like a big sister; Sultana was nearly another Mom.
  • 25 cents for a draft beer...a dollar went a long way!
  • Pitchers of beer were $1.50 fall of freshman year. Delta Sig owned the corner booth.
  • There was a bowling machine in the bar
  • The TV over the bar at the Vernon was whereI saw Neil Armstrong walk on the moon July 1969. What a great, productive, action-packed summer. 
  • Ruthie Collins was a Zeta Honorary.
  • Many fun times at the Vernon...dominoes in the front booth, bowling machine in the back, pickled eggs, hop skip and go nakeds, $1 pitchers on Fridays...
  • A HUGE jar of pickled eggs on the bar at Ruthie's/ Vernon- they looked horrible but were so good!

Advertisement for The Vernon, 1966 Clarkson yearbook
In July 17 2012 a microburst storm ripped the roof off the building, so Sergi's temporarily relocated to 38 Market Street. The building was repaired and they reopened July 2013.

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