Lit House Signs

I'm not sure of the history on this one, but at one point it seems that every Fraternity and Sorority had a lit sign on their house.  It seems that most of these are gone, hopefully still around but someplace safe.  Do you know the history of your House lit sign?  I think OPiO had one as well but I don't have a clear photo. 

Here's what I've found:
Zeta, 1970 rush party
Ago sign, 1961

Ago in 1934 at 61 Elm Street
Alpha Sigma Nu (became Alpha Delta) at 29 Elm Street in 1927
Alpha Delta at 29 Elm Street in 1934
The original AXP house (which burned down in 1975)
Theta Chi on Fall Island, 1953
Omega: Omega's was hand crafted around 1964, refurbished 2011 and re-hung in 2015
Omega in 1979
Omega in 2015
BT 1961
Theta Xi 1961
Clio (PhiK) at 18 Elm in 1934
Theta Xi 1972
Sigma Delta 1990
Zeta Nu, 1968

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