House Vending Machines with Beer

If you're old enough to have been in Potsdam during what I'd considered the "glory days" of Greek Life you'll probably recall beer on tap 24/7.  But how about beer in vending machines?  According to some Facebook posts this was the case at more than one fraternity:

From the "you know you went to college in Potsdam if you can remember..." Facebook page:

...if you bought a 35 cent PBR from the vending machine at ZN after-hours

I paid 25 cents

When I was in the house, we had an old school coke machine similar to this that was filled with beast long necks. It wasn't much good because Gorilla Monsoon always removed the caps and drained the bottles in the front into a cup, so the only bottles available were half full, flat, and probably full of bugs. And then MC Chucky G threw it away.

My favorite memory of the machine was when Blades got something he did not like out of the "potluck" column of the machine. He hurled it off the back porch and almost hit the person responsible for filling the machine who was out in the backyard!

30 cents when I was social...the extra can went in a random soda slot..... social's revenge for having to keep the closet fully stocked and machine full...because you know....a party could jut break out at any time..... Just loved the "ahhhhh shit" bellowed out by a random bother heading to morning class after said party

Had a vending machine with beer in it at Crow, too..

I remember both 25 & 30 cent PBRs. I think it transitioned in the early 80's. Something to do with Reagonomics, I think. Or was it keg-o-nomics?

We had a can machine with 50 cents/beer. Mostly Genny, with random Labatt cans thrown in. One slot for for Jolt.

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  1. We had a Beer Machine at Delta Kappa Theta in early 80's. I pledged Spring '81 and graduated '84. We had Bud and Mich for 35 cents.