SUNY Potsdam Greek Scholarship Reception

On September 23, 2014 SUNY Potsdam held a Greek Scholarship Reception to recognize members of Greek social organizations who earned at least a 3.0 GPA during the Spring 2014.  Obviously some of those students had already graduated.  Below is a photo of those who attended the reception, and details on the award recipients.  Congratulations to everyone - and great job!

3.0 GPA or Higher

  1. Caleigh Ames, Omega Delta Phi
  2. Christina Bald, Phi Kappa Pi
  3. Robert Barber, Phi Mu Alpha
  4. Amanda Brennan, Alpha Sigma Tau
  5. Natasha Brito, Alpha Sigma Tau
  6. Anna Campanella, Sigma Gamma Phi
  7. Grace Chirico, Zeta Gamma Sigma
  8. Annika Christensen, Zeta Gamma Sigma
  9. Stevie Davall, Sigma Gamma Phi
  10. Rebecca Deering, Sigma Gamma Phi
  11. Alexandria Dejesus, Sigma Gamma Phi
  12. Sara Erwin, Omega Delta Phi
  13. Emma Fillman, Alpha Sigma Tau
  14. Rebecca Godfrey, Phi Kappa Pi
  15. LaNeise Goggans, Alpha Sigma Tau
  16. Brittany Guadagno, Phi Kappa Pi
  17. Diana Gugino, Alpha Sigma Tau
  18. Yoseni Infante, Sigma Gamma Phi
  19. Anna Jimenez, Zeta Gamma Sigma
  20. Jessica Jones, Sigma Gamma Phi
  21. Jessica Kehoe, Sigma Gamma Phi
  22. Melissa Klehr, Zeta Gamma Sigma
  23. Ryan Leoniak, Delta Kappa Theta
  24. Jason Levy, Delta Kappa Theta
  25. Diana Maloy, Sigma Gamma Phi
  26. Cheyenne Martin, Phi Kappa Pi
  27. Tiffany Mascia, Sigma Gamma Phi
  28. Megan Metruck, Omega Delta Phi
  29. Anna Misciagna, Alpha Sigma Tau
  30. Lateefah Morse, Sigma Gamma Phi
  31. Brent Nichols, Phi Mu Alpha
  32. McKenna Novak, Zeta Gamma Sigma
  33. Ian O’Brien, Delta Kappa Theta
  34. Emily Parker, Alpha Sigma Tau
  35. Andrew Peryer, Phi Mu Alpha
  36. Carissa Petras, Omega Delta Phi
  37. Nicholas Price, Delta Kappa Theta
  38. Chester Prouty, Delta Kappa Theta
  39. Christine Reich, Phi Kappa Pi
  40. Raychel Rieder, Omega Delta Phi
  41. Kelly Rose, Phi Kappa Pi
  42. Shauni Sawchuk, Alpha Sigma Tau
  43. Christopher Schembry, Phi Mu Alpha
  44. Marianne Schumacher, Omega Delta Phi
  45. John Senese, Delta Kappa Theta
  46. Brent Spreter, Phi Mu Alpha
  47. Kaleb Stores, Delta Kappa Theta
  48. Rachel Vincent, Omega Delta Phi

Dean's List
(I'm assuming 3.5+ GPA)

  1. Valerie Arnold, Alpha Sigma Tau
  2. Scott Bartolini, Delta Kappa Theta
  3. Elizabeth Beardslee, Omega Delta Phi
  4. Brooke Becker, Omega Delta Phi
  5. Taylor Chouinard, Sigma Gamma Phi
  6. Jessielee Cole, Alpha Sigma Tau
  7. Thomas Egnoto, Phi Mu Alpha
  8. Taylor Faiella, Omega Delta Phi
  9. Megan Fritzsching, Omega Delta Phi
  10. Amy Gonzales, Omega Delta Phi
  11. Kara Holmes, Phi Kappa Pi
  12. Thomas Lawton, Phi Mu Alpha
  13. Morgan Lindsay, Alpha Sigma Tau
  14. Ryan Montgomery, Delta Kappa Theta
  15. Daniel Narvaez, Phi Mu Alpha
  16. Alyssa Pannizzo, Phi Kappa Pi
  17. Samuel Pilnick, Phi Mu Alpha
  18. Donte Reid, Phi Mu Alpha
  19. Jacob Rishe, Delta Kappa Theta
  20. Joshua Rishe, Delta Kappa Theta
  21. Danielle Sandow, Sigma Gamma Phi
  22. Samantha Swinney, Zeta Gamma Sigma
  23. Ashley Woodward, Zeta Gamma Sigma

President's List
(I'm assuming 3.7+ GPA)

  1. Annalise Adolphus, Omega Delta Phi
  2. John Alecci, Phi Mu Alpha
  3. Kody Andreas, Phi Mu Alpha
  4. Bethany Antill, Sigma Gamma Phi
  5. Melissa Bannon, Omega Delta Phi
  6. Sara Behuniak, Sigma Gamma Phi
  7. Katie Binder, Sigma Gamma Phi
  8. David Bojanowski, Phi Mu Alpha
  9. Tayler Bowden, Alpha Sigma Tau
  10. Kevin Brady, Phi Mu Alpha
  11. Mark Carr, Phi Mu Alpha
  12. Cody Chamberlin, Phi Mu Alpha
  13. Kyle Chamberlin, Phi Mu Alpha
  14. Brittany Doran, Sigma Gamma Phi
  15. Jack Dring, Phi Mu Alpha
  16. Ashley Edmond, Omega Delta Phi
  17. De'Shaun Evans, Delta Kappa Theta
  18. Kiana French, Alpha Sigma Tau
  19. Carla Furguglietto, Sigma Gamma Phi
  20. Gabrielle Gapczynski, Omega Delta Phi
  21. Asia Godzwon, Zeta Gamma Sigma
  22. Stephanie Hall, Sigma Gamma Phi
  23. Andrew Hochler, Phi Mu Alpha
  24. Maxwell Horning, Phi Mu Alpha
  25. John Hylkema, Phi Mu Alpha
  26. Kinga Kanczura, Sigma Gamma Phi
  27. Kevin Larsen, Phi Mu Alpha
  28. Brendan Meier, Phi Mu Alpha
  29. Andres Munoz, Phi Mu Alpha
  30. Nicole Nilsson, Sigma Gamma Phi
  31. Anne Rappaport, Sigma Gamma Phi
  32. Matthew Riggi, Delta Kappa Theta
  33. John Samonte, Phi Mu Alpha
  34. Alexander Sanso, Phi Mu Alpha
  35. Gregory Shilling, Phi Mu Alpha
  36. Joseph Shy, Phi Mu Alpha
  37. Jennifer Skaczkowski, Phi Kappa Pi
  38. Brenna Snyder, Phi Kappa Pi
  39. Sean Spacher, Phi Mu Alpha
  40. Kendra Stenger, Sigma Gamma Phi
  41. Morgan Stoughtenger, Sigma Gamma Phi
  42. Alexander Terry, Delta Kappa Theta
  43. Raymond Weber, Phi Mu Alpha
  44. Miles Willow, Phi Mu Alpha


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