Boat Races

Anyone know anything about boat races in Potsdam?  I've found yearbook (TEP, Theta Xi & Sig) photos but no other details there or in the newspapers.  Here's one alumni comment:

There was a boat race down the river as long as it wasn't a boat. So some eggheads in our fraternity figured out that if we utilized stage pieces from the old blast days hinged them , and floated them.with empty kegs not only would it be transportable but flexible. Good idea on paper we ended up.trudging a mile down the river with our flexi barge which now served the purpose if holding our beers. So we trudged Vietnam style a mile down river with our wonderful keg barge.

TEP, 1978 yearbook
Theta Xi, 1985 yearbook
Theta Xi, 1985 yearbook
Sigma Delta, 1985 yearbook
TEP 1985 yearbook

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  1. Called the flotational. Started at the cemetery. Only purpose was to drink beer in a river... And it worked. Was actually a blast to do.