Greeks at Tony Tuesday 2014

On Tuesday, October 21, 2014 student organizations at Clarkson had the opportunity to compete for cash awards on "Tony Tuesday."  Part of Spirit Week (the week before Family/Homecoming Weekend), Tony Tuesday is the day students are invited to dress like CU President Tony Collins to compete for cash prizes. Over $8,000 was given to the clubs and organizations that participated.

First place went to Phi Sig!

20% of the overall score for an organization was based on votes for their group photos, posted on Facebook.  The group participation rate in the event was worth 30% of the total score.  On Tuesday night there was an event for all the participating organizations that included a group picture, catwalk (25%), and a brief interview (25%) with a panel of judges including Barbara Brown, Associate Director of the Career Center.  There was one $1000 prize (Phi Sig), three $750 prizes, three $600 prizes, three $500 prizes, three $300 prizes, and three $200 prizes.

Who won prizes besides Phi Sig? Please add the info via a comment. You can see a complete photo album of this event on the Clarkson Student Life Facebook page.  Here are more Greek House photos:
Phi Kap
Sigma Delta

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