Who Remembers Folding Tissues?

As an active member of Omega in the late 80s/early 90s I had a December break assignment - fold and staple two boxes of tissues.  These were our "flowers" for the Ice Carnival Parade.  Who else had to do this?

Accordion fold on the long edge, then fold the whole thing in half and staple it together.  When float assembly time came we would put the tissue in chicken wire and then fluff it (lovingly referred to as "stuff and fluff") open so it resembled a flower.  At least it did once you had enough of them together.  Then we'd spray paint.  Most of the float assembly was done on parade day.  Outside.  In the cold.  We also had to write a short skit/song to go along with the float.

During Ice Carnival we had to spend 2 hours (I think) a day working on something.   That included the time leading up to Ice Carnival.  Rush didn't occur until Ice Carnival was over.

Here are some float assembly photos from 1989.  Omega had a Roaring 20s theme if I recall correctly, so this is a gangster car - we named the gangsters Bud and Stud.  You can see tons of Ice Carnival Parade photos here.

Stapling the chicken wire with tissue flowers to the frame

I'm on the right in the green jacket.
The parade "marchers" are on the porch in hats
Bud and Stud could move (with some help from whoever was riding in the float)

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