Zeta Gamma Sigma Legacies

Having blood relatives in the same House is not unheard of, but having three active members together with their three alumni mothers - all in Potsdam?  That's pretty amazing.  Zeta Gamma Sigma was founded on St. Patrick's Day in 1955, so they always have alumnae in town to celebrate.  This year was special as it was their 60th...so they had 135 alumnae in Potsdam.  Wow! Hopefully they will share additional photos and details about their weekend soon.

From left to right, Laura Trabold (SUNY Potsdam) and her mother Sandee Trabold (SUNY Potsdam '85), Annika Christensen (Clarkson) and her mother Lyn Christensen (Clarkson '89), and Nikki Hoskins (Clarkson) and her mother Kris Hoskins (SUNY Potsdam '86).  Zeta also has a legacy pledging this semester, Krista Reger, her mother is Kathy Reger (SUNY Potsdam '85).

Anyone else have photos of a parent/child pair in the same House?

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