Clarkson University Greek Requirements

If you're a Clarkson alumni, do you know what's expected of your organization by the school? Things are quite different in Potsdam than when I was an active in the late 80s/early 90s.

Clarkson has CORE program for Greeks - Chapter Operations and Recognition of Excellence.  This is a rigorous documentation required of all Greek social organizations in order to maintain their recognition.  No recognition means no rushing on campus, no off-campus housing and more.  They are awarded points in five areas:
Clarkson President Tony Collins and his wife Karen with Clarkson Greeks
Greek Weekend in Walker Arena, January 2015.

  1. Academic Achievement - have a Scholarship Chair, implement scholarship incentive/recognition program for members, have a Faculty Relations Chair, points awarded for chapter GPA each semester, extra points if your new members for each semester have a higher GPA than the current members.
  2. Community Involvement - develop positive relationships with your neighbors, host a parents event, send out a newsletter, participate in non-Greek campus activities/groups, attend Panhellenic/IFC meetings, organize at least one philanthropic event and one educational event open to the entire campus, co-sponsor at least one philanthropic event open to the entire campus, community service hours, community service fundraising
  3. Membership Development - provide a detailed outline of new member recruiting and education activities, attend leadership training, have a chapter judicial board with possible sanctions and appeal process, have an alumni adviser, host alumni events
  4. Risk Management - have an alumni association or house corporation for the purposes of property ownership and management, minimum of $2 million in general liability coverage listing Clarkson University as "additional insured," submit housing and dining rosters, at least 25% of the house attends a University educational and health-related University sponsored program, at least one fire drill/month, submit Social Event Notification Forms 48 hours prior to events, support National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week programs.
  5. Financial Management - submit a budget, pay national/IFC/Panhellenic dues on time, pay bills on time
Their overall score results in being rated Level 0 - 6 with Level 0 meaning you didn't submit a report and have to appear in front of a panel and levels 4-6 meaning you can recruit and pledge 2nd semester freshmen.  You can see a the report form here.

According to their website, Clarkson is home to 11 fraternities and 4 sororities.  Members make up 10-15 percent of the total student body. Clarkson currently has 3,247 undergraduates and 626 graduate students.

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  1. Ah, submitting a stupid "Social Notification" form every time we want to have a party. Idiot bureaucrats at work. What a pile of B.S.