Elm Street Projectiles: DU, AEPi & Theta Chi

When two Greek houses are close to each other they tend to interact. In the case of Theta Chi, DU and AEPi that interaction took the form of various projectiles. How could any guy resist? 

Some alumni reminisced on Facebook:
It was a perfect seven iron shot from AEPi porch roof <to DU
In Spring 87 Woody put a beautiful shot into the <DU> front window at 3:00am and their president returned the ball during our house meeting and when asked if it was ours the reply was "No, we were hitting Titleists" - AEPi brother '87-'90 
In the late 70s the AEPi brothers hit the golf balls at Theta Chi 
So on a warm spring day with snow still on the ground in 1982 as a high school senior when I came to Clarkson for my interview/tour - driving in from the South - the DU house at 30 Elm St loaded with people on the porch and front lawn - is the first thing I remember seeing - next was AEPi and Theta Chi both packed with people on the lawn - porch - roof and I said - from my parents back seat - this (Clarkson) is the place for me! Little did I know I would be shooting oranges at AEPi with surgical tubing slingshots the following spring! So good shot on the porch window Tweety - it was a great contest over the years.

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