Renovations at OPiO

Old houses need lots of love! After a successful 2014 work weekend, the brothers of OPiO held a second Labor Day Work Weekend this past September and got a lot done. You can read their full post about it here, or just read the highlights in this post.

The Crew
Before the weekend the brothers held an online fundraiser to pay for supplies. Their goal was $3,500. They raised $11,364 from 65 donors. Impressive.

Here are some of the things they accomplished with $5,000 of the fund raised:
  • An alumni found a new commercial stove for the kitchen outside of Philadelphia and drove it to Potsdam.
  • The kitchen received new cabinets, counter tops, drop ceiling, moldings, stove, and "one of the most through cleanings the house has ever seen."
  • They repaired and painted wood trim on the north side of the house.
  • They replaced, patched, mudded, and sanded the back stairwell.

The brothers plan to set aside the rest of the fund raised towards a new roof. After seeing the news of this renovation on the Potsdam Greeks Facebook page the sisters of Phi K kindly reached out and recommended their roofing contractor. It's great when we can help each other out!
The kitchen: before and after

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