The First Ice Carnival

The first Ice Carnival was a one-day winter carnival organized by both schools. It was supposed to occur in 1930 but there was no ice, so they tried again the following year and held a successful event. In 1935 the event was extended to two days. By the time I was in Potsdam it was a 10-day event. Learn more about Ice Carnival from 1931-1969 here and 1970-1996 here.

From The Pioneer yearbook, 1931:

The Clarkson Integrator
February 20, 1930. (see the article here)
Gay Event To Be Crowning Success of Winter Sport Season in Potsdam 
This Thursday evening at 7 o'clock Potsdam is to be the scene of a glorious Ice Carnival. It is to be held on the Tech Rink under the auspices of the Hockey Association with the cooperation of the Normal Athletic Association.  
As in other colleges this carnival is to be a gala affair, everyone who Is on the ice must be in some sort of costume, anything will do. Prizes will be awarded to the best and funniest dressed, in the men's, women's, and children's divisions.  
One of the first features of the evening will be a Broom Ball Game between the faculty of Clarkson and a team composed of Senior Civils. The teams will be in costume, use a broom and a basketball and will endeavor to duplicate the speed and daring of our varsity hockey team. 
It is rumored that Prof. Bill Farrisee, himself a wizard on skates, will captain the faculty team. He has already called three practices and promises to have his team in fine condition for the big game.  
The Senior Civils are noteworthy for their ability as skaters and it is expected that they will have a team equal in every position to the flashy faculty sextet.
Following the Broom Ball game the two best hockey teams of Normal will stage what is expected to be a fine, fast hockey game.  
To add to the excitement and interest of the evening a ten lap race for men, free-for-all style, is to be run off in heats. The winners of the various heats will compete and the final winners will be awarded appropriate prizes.  
A five lap race for girls will follow the men's race and prizes will be awarded to the winners. 
Throughout the evening music will be furnished by a network of loud- speakers which will be placed at the sides and ends of the rink. Between events skaters may enjoy skating to the rhythm of beautiful waltzes.  
An admission fee of fifteen cents to Skaters in costume and twenty-five cents to spectators will be charged in order that the expenses of the Carnival may be defrayed. Two magnificent flashlight photos are to be made, so come early and get in the picture.  
Let's go, fellows, let's support this important event. Come, bring a friend and have a glorious evening together. 
Remember, fun for everyone, let's make whoopee

The Normal Racquette
February 13, 1930 (see the article here)
Color and Jollity Guaranteed Patrons Next Thursday Night  
Send for costumes for the Ice Carnival right away, or dig up something to put over your coat and tarn. There is no telling but that you may get a prize Thursday night, February twentieth, either as the most beautifully dressed lady or gentleman, or possibly the most originally dressed person in town.  
Ask your landladies to have supper early that night, then put on your skates, and the fun will begin over at the Clarkson rink at seven o'clock. The grand parade will start at seven- thirty. Following this, the judges will award the prizes. The famous girls' hockey team will make it official debut in a short game. There will be a game of 'broomball for others who haven't hockey sticks. Then will follow men's races, girls' races, and skating with music. Admission for people in costume will be fifteen cents. Spectators may be admitted to the grand stand for twenty- five cents. The events will all be over in time so that the Normal School, Tech and high school student may get home in time to study for the classes the next day. Now send in an order to keep the weather clear and cool until after the twentieth.
Clarkson Integrator
February 12, 1931 (see the article here)
Potsdam's first Ice Carnival, held last Saturday night at the Ives Park Rink, was a real success. Both Normal and Tech were well represented both on the ice and on the grand stand. The many varied and clever costumes of the skaters were a main attraction aside from the several races. Miss Mary Lenney won first honors for the most appropriate skating costume in the girls class, and Professor Trauger of the Normal School faculty, took first honors in the men's class. The success of the evening was due largely to efforts of Murray Walker, president of the Hockey Association; Coach 'Jack Roos, Mr, Maxcy, Wally Easton, and several members of the committee in charge of arrangements The fine start that our first Carnival was given is a sure indication of the value of such an event, and it is sincerely believed that in the next few years a bigger and better Winter Festival will be come an established tradition of both Potsdam Normal and Clarkson College.
The Potsdam Herald-Recorder
February 13, 1931 (see the article here)

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