Alpha Delta Kappa Sheard Literacy Center Donation

On October 15, 2016 Alpha Delta Kappa Alumnae and friends gathered to celebrate the Alpha and Friends Endowment for the Sheard Literacy Center at SUNY Potsdam. 

The Sheard Literacy Center is home to several programs that provide SUNY Potsdam students with an important authentic learning experience to deepen their knowledge and ability as future teachers. It also has programs that impact children in the local community. Major programs of the literacy center include the Literacy Mentor Program, Math and Science Education Center, O’Shaughnessy Center for Assistive Technology, and Branching Out With Books. 99% of the Sheard Literacy Center operating budget is from donors and grants.

The Alpha and Friends Endowment started with a book drive which collected over 1,500 books for the Literacy Center. Every donated book has a bookplate with the donor’s name. In 2014, Alpha alumnae began talking about a possible fund drive. They wanted to do something very positive, significant and lasting – to create a legacy for future generations of students who will come through these doors for many years to come. An anonymous Alpha alumnae donor offered to match donations up to $60,000 with a goal of raising a total of  $120,000 for the Endowment fund. After 2.5 years, the sisters met their goal!

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