Delta Sigma Phi / KARMA / Alpha Delt Fraternity

since 1929

KARMA Fraternity was founded as a society at Clarkson University on Novemer 20th, 1929. In 1936 they became a fraternity. KARMA is a word in Sanskrit that means to do or to act. The Karma Kats pep band provided entertainment during Clarkson hockey games.

On November 3rd, 1957 they became the Beta Rho chapter of Pi Kappa Phi (aka Pi K).  This is also the year the brothers salvaged an old school bell that is still in use today at Clarkson hockey games and graduation.

KARMA, 1930 Clarkson yearbook

On March 26, 1963 the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi voted to dissolve their relationship with their national to became known as KARMA once again. A dispute with their national began due to a Jewish student pledging in the fall semester.

On May 7, 1967 they became the Epsilon Zeta chapter of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity.
1968 Clarkson yearbook
Sometime in 2000 the brothers of Delta Sigma Phi lost recognition from their national due to low numbers, and KARMA became a local fraternity again, also going by the name Delta Sigma.

In February 2017 the brothers became a colony of Alpha Delta Gamma Fraternity. They received their charter as the Alpha Lambda chapter on August 12, 2017.

Colony of Alpha Delta Gamma, February 2017

Colors: brown and yellow

Pi Kappa Phi
Colors: white, gold and blue
Nickname: Pi K

Delta Sigma Phi
Colors: nile green and white
Nickname: DSP, Delta Sig, DS
Coat of Arms:

Alpha Delta Gamma
Colors: Scarlet Red and Gold
Nickname: Alpha Delt

Prior Homes:
KARMA resided at 11 Pierrepont Ave (currently the home of Ago) from 1929 - 1935
11 Pierrepont Ave (currently Ago), 1930 Clarkson yearbook
1935 - 1939: 72 Elm Street
1938 yearbook - 72 Elm Street
1939 - ? 20 Pleasant Street

In November, 1958 the brothers of Pi K purchased the "Old Lenney House" at 29 Bay Street (later the home of Triangle/TDK).
1958- ? 29 Bay Street?

? - 2006: 20 Pleasant St (currently The Emerald bed and breakfast):
20 Pleasant Street, 1959 Clarkson yearbook
1953 yearbook
On September 3rd, 1977, between 4-4:30am, a fire broke out on the third floor of the Delta Sigma Phi house at 20 Pleasant Street. The majority of the house is saved, and no one is hurt. Repairs are made and the house is ready again before Christmas break.
1982 yearbook
On March 31, 2006 the KARMA house at 20 Pleasant Street was substantially damaged by fire and the building was condemned.  The fraternity had one year to fix up the house and get it ready for occupancy in order to keep the property from being subject to village zoning.  Prior to the fire, the fraternity was "grandfathered" for the "legal non-conforming use" because it was in existence before the zoning regulations took effect. However, such "grandfathered" protection lapses if a "legal non-conforming" house is vacant for more than a year.  The fraternity did not make the deadline and requests for an extension were denied.  Today the home is a bed and breakfast called The Emerald.

20 Pleasant Street, 2006 fire
In the 2014-15 school year the brothers rented the Alpha Delta Kappa sorority house at 46 Elm Street.


  1. They lost their national recognition.

  2. They actually voted to dissolve their relationship with delta sigma phi. They are now karma once again while they pursue opportunities with other national organizations.

    1. I am organizing a KARMA / PKP/ DSP reception during the 2017 50th reunion. Can anyone tell me more about their current status and who the last DSP president was?