My name is Suzanne Feener Johnston (LinkedIn | Facebook). I pledged Omega Delta Phi Sorority in Spring 1988 and graduated from Clarkson (BS, Mktg) in 1991. I'm from Massachusetts but have lived in the south since 1996 and have called Texas home since 2014. I'm self employed, and my latest endeavor is Plano Health & Fitness, founded in 2017.

Being part of Omega was a very positive and rewarding part of my college experience, and I know alumni from many other fraternities and sororities feel the same way about their Houses.

After noticing a disconnect between actives and alumni in the Greek world of Potsdam, I decided to put my skills to work and help out. Today Potsdam Greeks helps show actives and young alumni the history of Greek Life in Potsdam, and helps show alumni the current state of affairs for Greeks in Potsdam.

Together we all have an important and valuable history, and the current actives could use the support of alumni in many ways.

There is no single resource showing the rich history of sororities and fraternities at Clarkson and SUNY Potsdam.  It is my goal for this site to provide that history, while also celebrating current accomplishments of active and alumni members of all Greek social organizations past and present.

Please feel free to contact me with corrections, pictures, news stories and more. 
The Family

Me, at Omega in July, 2011

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  1. Could you maybe do a post on Senior Walk-Out, pledge books, and other local traditions? I would love to know more about where and when this all started! Love your blog!!