Houses in italics are not currently active/recognized in Potsdam.  If any if this information is wrong please add a comment and it will be fixed!


Alpha Delta Gamma (Alpha Delt) since 1929
Alpha Epsilon Pi
(AEPi), 1967-1998
Alpha Chi Rho (Crow), since 1954

Beta Tau (BT), since 1957

Delta Kappa Theta (DK), 1932-1941 then 1946-present
Delta Sigma Phi or Delta Sigma (DS or DSP) became Alpha Delt since 1929
Delta Tau Tau, since 1960
Delta Upsilon (DU), 1919-2007, 2013-present

Zeta Nu (ZN), since 1956

Theta Pi Epsilon 1921-1937
Theta Xi
, 1957-1987
Theta Chi, 1949-1997
Theta Omega Phi (Prometheus), 1968-2012

Kappa Gamma (became AEPi), 1967-1998
Kappa Epsilon Phi (merged with OPiO), since 1915
Kappa Kappa Tau (became Theta Chi), 1949-1997
Karma (became Alpha Delt), since 1929

Lambda Iota (became Delta Upsilon), 1919-2007
Lambda Phi Epsilon (became Tau Epsilon Phi), since 1967
Lambda Sigma Upsilon, 2014

Nu Phi (became Theta Xi), 1957-1987

Omicron Pi Omicron (OPiO), since 1903

Epsilon Omega, since 2006?

Pi Kappa Phi (became Delta Sigma Phi), since 1929

Sigma Delta (Sig or Sig Del), 1904-1999, 2012-2015
Sigma Pi
, 1981-2006
Sigma Sigma Sigma (became Delta Kappa Theta), 1932-1946
Sigma Tau
(became Delta Kappa Theta), since 1946
Sigma Tau Psi, 1965-1974
Sigma Phi Epsilon(Sig Ep), since 2002
Sigma Chi
, since 1988

Tau Delta Kappa (TDK), 1956-2012
Tau Epsilon Phi
(TEP), since 1967
Tau Kappa Epsilon (became Delta Tau Tau), since 1960
Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) 1960-2000, 2002-2005, 2013-present
Triangle (became Tau Delta Kappa), 1956-2012

Phi Delta (became Delta Tau Tau), since 1961
Phi Kappa Sigma Clarkson
(Phi Kap Clarkson), since 1981
Phi Kappa Sigma State (Phi Kap State), 1979-2013
Phi Mu Alpha (Sinfonia)
, since 1958
Phi Chi Epsilon (Phi Chi) 1983-2009

Chi Tau Sigma 1923-1937

Psi Phi Delta (Psi Phi) 1948-2011
Psi Phi Epsilon

Omega Epsilon (became Alpha Chi Rho), since 1954


Alpha Delta Kappa (Alpha) 1926-2013
Alpha Kappa Phi Agonian (Ago) 1928-2013, 2016-present
Alpha Sigma Tau (AST), since 1987
Arethusa (Lambda chapter) 1929-1931 (became Kappa Chi Delta)

Delta Zeta (DZ), since 1986
Delta Lambda Nu (Delta), 1970-1975, 1994-2013

Zeta Gamma Sigma (Zeta), since 1955
Zeta Gamma Upsilon (became Alpha Kappa Phi) 

Theta Phi Alpha (Theta Phi), since 1997

Kappa Delta Chi (KDChi), since 2011
Kappa Chi Delta 1931-1940

Lambda Phi Delta 1985-early 90s,

Pi Delta Sigma (became Phi Kappa Pi)
Pi Phi Omega
(became Kappa Chi Delta), 1928-1931 

Sigma Beta Epsilon/Sigma Beta Sigma (merged with Phi Kappa Pi)
Sigma Gamma Lambda (colony), 2015-2017

Sigma Gamma Phi Arethusa (Iota chapter), since 1989

Phi Beta Nu 1929-1931 (became Kappa Chi Delta)
Phi Kappa Gamma 1925-1940
Phi Kappa Pi
Clionian (Clio, Kappa Clio, PhiK), since 1906
Phi Mu 1983-2001

Phi Sigma Sigma
 (Phi Sig), since 1977

Chi Delta Sigma (became Theta Phi Alpha)

Omega Delta Phi (Omega), since 1960


  1. What about Sigma Alpha Iota?

    1. I opted to make this a blog about the Greek social organizations in Potsdam - so I'm not include SAI, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega and the other organizations that are not part of IFC/ISC/AGC.

    2. Both SAI and GSS have been voting members of AGC

    3. Do they participate in the same rush with the social sororities? Meaning....does someone who opts to join SAI or GSS have to also visit Omega, Zeta, Phi K, etc. in order to get a bid?

    4. Both SAI and GSS are jokes. they arent even real greek houses. i dont get how potsdam is allowing new houses on campus but wont fix the banned houses

    5. Even if SAI or GSS don't have a house, doesn't mean shit. Banned houses are banned for a reason, are they not? If they do or don't want to participate in Formal rush, that's their choice but it doesn't mean they don't have value or aren't a real organization.

    6. Wow! That is pretty harsh to call SAI and GSS "shit". That is not at all in the Panhellenic spirit! And what would you call them if they joined the AGC? All of a sudden they aren't "shit"? Is that how you feel about PMA?
      Both GSS and SAI have done a lot for their community and the country. These are international organizations that help people in need and support various ideals. No Greek organization is "shit". I do hope you truly do not feel this way.

    7. It's a little disappointing that SAI, GSS and APO don't make the grade here... just because they aren't "social" organizations. I was in GSS, and we did a LOT of good community work. It was the '70s, and while many of the more social organizations were just about drinking and partying, we did some good while still having a good time. My daughter is now in APO in another SUNY, and is having the same experience - learning leadership and serving on an executive board, doing community service, and making great friends. Please don't knock these groups just because we didn't have a house.

    8. Sigma Alpha Iota is a Professional Women's Music Fraternity. Just because it is not social, doesn't mean it's any less than other organizations. They are not, nor were they ever banned. They do not do formal rush because they have their own method. Do not call an organization "shit" because they don't do something the same as everyone else.

  2. Theta Phi Alpha's nickname is Theta Phi, not Theta. Theta is the nickname for the national NPC organization Kappa Alpha Theta.

  3. How come there are no multicultural greek letter orgs in Potsdam. How come what you display on this site/blog are Caucasian orgs. diversity?

    1. Does Potsdam have enough students to support a race/culture-specific Greek social organization? If it did I suspect someone would start one. AEPi is a Jewish fraternity but I don't recall that being a focus of the chapter, at least not when I was there. KDChi is Hispanic, but I don't think that's a focus of the chapter in Potsdam.

    2. Just because the organizations listed are historically caucasian, doesn't mean that there isn't diversity today. If you look at the demographics today, there are more and more racial & ethnic minorities joining these organizations. One thing I can say about the Greek organizations in Potsdam is that they are pretty open to people of all backgrounds regardless of skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.

      FYI: Diversity isn't achieved only through race & ethnicity. The differences that can be celebrated amongst people can go deeper than skin.

      Also, just recently a few guys founded a new chapter of LSU, a national hispanic fraternity. Progress is being made on all fronts.

  4. I think it would be wonderful to also hear about Alpha Phi Omega at Clarkson and Potsdam! As well as GSS and SAI. This site is called "Potsdam Greeks" and these organizations are also Greek. Why exclude them because they are not as social as the other organizations on campus?
    I love reading the posts on this site, but these others organizations and their alumni probably feel even more isolated. Since Potsdam Greeks are on such rocky terms, it seems we should focus on uniting all the Greeks on campus rather than exclude some.
    Again, I love this page! There is another Potsdam alum that has a history blog and sometimes mentions Potsdam groups. I hope we call all become more unified because all these groups help our community!

    1. Thank you! Just what I was thinking, as a GSS sister, married to an APO brother, who are now parents to an APO brother on another campus.

  5. Sigma Delta lost its recognition in 2015